Caffeinated in Houston.

Path of Tea

Place of zen. Literally. They’re very, very particular about how you treat their cups.



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Mercantile in Rice Village

Boomtown coffee beans, a quiet, serene ambiance, and a theme of classic white with wood accents. Downside: no bathroom. So if you’re looking for a place to pore over textbooks for a while, here might not be a good option (although the atmosphere is perfect for studying). Whatever floats your boat!


Southside Espresso

I’m obsessed with their housemade syrups that have a variety of flavors. Around autumn time they heralded a cardamom syrup, which I immediately pounced upon. And it was worth it. Then during the Christmas season, gingerbread was the festive option.


Siphon Coffee

Lattes and mochas here are always on point. This is a prime study spot as well and nothing cooler’s than watching baristas tinker around with the halogen siphons like hipster chemists. I’ve never tried it….it’s a little expensive (7 dollars) but I heard it’s worth it!

Siphon Coffee Mocha

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The biscuits here are BAE. With sweet marmalade and tart creme fraiche, it’s a rewarding breakfast. Coffee is a little bit more acidic to the taste, but I had the Valrhona mocha the second time I went (it’s made with some kind of fancy French chocolate) and it won me over. I hope their wifi’s been fixed, too. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic study niche.

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Common Bond

This place is different from the rest–I think it’s a little girly, even. Pastel colors, cute boxes for the pastries, a sleek modern look. Coffee is good (I hear you should try the caramel latte), but it’s the pastries (the croissants are mammoth-sized) that bring customers flocking in.

Common Bond

Honeymoon Cafe

Order the “Crud” and or treat yourself to a caramel latte at this swanky, classy coffee shop in downtown Houston. Just right off the metro!


Boomtown Coffee

I lovee their drink menu board here. Really awesome selections, including maple lattes and affogatos featuring ice cream from Fat Cat Creamery!


Inversion Coffee

A little eclectic, pretty small and cozy, a hotspot for artists. Housemade syrups are fabulous, especially their vanilla lattes. And they make their own almond milk!



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