About Me

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Welcome to the foodie shindig! This restaurant blog celebrates good eating, drinking, and indulging. I’m a young woman questing for the meaning of adulting as a senior (and English major) at Rice University in Houston, Texas, but I’m a Portland, Oregon native who longs for the Pacific Northwest above all places. Not enough lattes could fill my coffee-loving heart. I’m semi lactose-intolerant but sometimes I ignore that. Acai bowls are my left-hand  snack right now (I’m a leftie, so the right hand is irrelevant). Punctuation is just as important as words. I adore Jesus more than anything.

I believe that God made people as creative beings–so I hope that by reading my blog, you are compelled to channel your own dose of creativity, no matter what it is. Happy browsing + munching!

Instagram: @melodymunches

Currently: Intern @ My Table Magazine in Houston, Texas

Past work:

Intern at the Houston Chronicle

Writer for Noise & Color PDX

Writer for Rice University’s the Rice Thresher

Writer for the Rice Standard





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