Things I love about Osaka

This morning, my dad and I strolled the streets of Fukushima for the last bakery and coffee run I’ll probably ever have in the city. It is a massive blessing, really, to do this–to be with my family, witness the shimmering sunset skyline, eat Snoopy donuts, plow through a ten-course tempura meal, and toast to Christmas with Americanos. I feel like I’ve been handed a rare gift.

I’ve also realized that the presence of God pulses within Japan as well. My parents’ church is a small house church with one piano and a meeting place in a samurai exhibit, but their reverent worship reveals their joy in the Lord. There’s something about hearing the English songs that I’ve sung all my life in a different language that pulls at my heartstrings dearly. So not only have I experienced Japan in an urban landscape, living as a city dweller, but I have also experienced Japan as a place where God dwells.

Here’s a short photo gallery of what I’ve been doing during the break! P.S. Did you know that the secret to the fluffiness of Japanese pancakes is MAYONNAISE?


To sum it all up: coffee, crepes outside of a twelve-story electronics store, the view from my family’s apartment, pancakes (and a pancake souffle!), and the most beautiful mottled lines of fat from wagyu beef for shabu shabu (hot pot).

Cheers! -Melody


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