Honeyed in Houston

I think that I’ve found one of my favorite places in Houston.

It’s not necessarily about the food or the quality of the coffee there, but rather the space’s vibe. Honey Art Cafe is dreamy. A bit ethereal, a bit quirky. When I step in, I feel grander all of a sudden, pinned with a desire for creativity. It’s a cute, sweet place with some Asian-inspired desserts and tea cakes along with other options such as smoothie bowls and chia seed parfaits. (Also, the owners are Rice University alums! Lulu Fang and Amy Lin, degrees in architecture, Visual Arts, and biochemistry. Woooot.)








It’s dessert meets art, and everything feels like a labor of love–especially those murals + decor. I can’t tell you how many Instagram posts I’ve seen about this place.


3 thoughts on “Honeyed in Houston

  1. Wow, I like this place already even though I have never been there. The desert looks good! Seems like ‘quality’ is what they are striving for, from the decor to the food they are making.


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