Stacked sugar levels

So I know I’ve been quite off the map for a while, but I’m back! Update: I still eat ice cream in December. Even though I’m lactose intolerant.

Tinys Milk & Cookies in West University Place has a sublime coconut milk concoction with milk chocolate, and from that experience I learned a new tip (courtesy of M) because the creamy lines kept coating my fingers: face-plant the ice cream and cone into a bowl, crush up the cone into sugary jagged pieces and scoop it out of the bowl for a DIY mix.

DSC01351 (2).JPG

In Katy (where I spent Thanksgiving weekend), there’s liquid nitrogen ice cream at Cocohodo’s and a newfangled operation called Stacked Ice Cream that specializes in ice cream donut and macaron sandwiches.

Cocohodo’s earl grey flavor tastes like an English tea party with plenty of cream and sugar. It’s steeped in bergamot and elevated to a decadent sweetness, and I took my time in scraping around the frosty dessert since the liquid nitrogen freezes the liquid into tiny particles that hold up together better.


Stacked Ice Cream comes with all the Instagram-worthy wall art, and it channels creative flavors such as jasmine milk tea, churro, and cookie monster. With a donut or macaron sandwich (shells courtesy of Macaron by Patisse in River Oaks!), you get a free topping as well that is studded all over the ice cream scoop. I chose Thai tea ice cream nestled in between birthday cake macaron shells and adorned in sprinkles.

DSC01376 (3).JPG

The Thai tea’s pale orange hue disguised the robustness of the tea’s flavor, which was what I liked best about the dessert. The ice cream’s slight bitterness mellowed out the macarons’ gritty sweetness, and I chased the sprinkles with a spoon, envious of the girl facing me who ate her macaron sandwich with very little mess.

DSC01379 (5).JPG

I’ll probably eat ice cream tomorrow. Heh.



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