Summer Spritzes, Senior Sentiments.

School’s already been in the works for a week now, so I thought I’d do a little recap of the summer!

Firstly, I learned how to deal with a house that falls apart. Well, not literally. But once you’ve made calls to the gas company, Internet company, electric company, and borrowed your blessed neighbor’s fire extinguisher to beat off a flaming oven all in one week–it’s a real bout of growing pains.

I’ve also learned a lot about the writing world, especially through the lens of the restaurant industry because of my magazine internship this summer. Will I be a freelancer? Or is grad school the better route? What if I’m jobless, school-less, and penniless? These questions will certainly be darting about in my mind throughout the year.

Lastly, I realized that I am constantly in need of spiritual food. Jesus juice. This summer was a little hectic and resulted in a scatterbrained Melody at times (like forgetting to pick up someone from the airport RIP), so I rarely gave myself time to take rest. Thinking about taking a Sabbath every week this year! Still, this past week at home has been a wonderful rejuvenating period, so I’m ready to throw myself back into fray.

But anyways, the photos!

I split my time between three places–Houston, Osaka (Japan), and Portland.

May and June were spent scurrying around Houston for my first-ever work assignment, an acai bowl round-up. I ate a lot of them, but strangely enough they haven’t quite tired of me yet! I’m a loyal fan. (Below: Juice Girl & Nourish Juice Bar)

Juice Girl


Sometimes it was “Take-Your-Friends-To-Work” Day, like one outing to Steel City Pops in The Heights. We all had mixed reactions, from raves about the blood orange flavor to distaste about the congealing milk fat.


Basically, the majority of the summer was work, work, work. But cups of coffee and cozy nooks for parking my laptop kept me sane. (Below: Fix Coffeebar)

DSC00794 (2)

And free tastings, like melt-in-your-mouth ribs at venerable The Brisket House.

DSC00948 (2)

Now the most recent issue I’ve been working on, since August-September is finished, will be featuring lots of Japanese eats. Stay tuned for ramblings on the upcoming October-November issue! A lot of the meat of the stories involve paralleling Houston and Japan, so I’ve made various treks to restaurants and Chinatown for similar foods such as this taiyaki (sea bream waffle) green tea sundae from Kamalan Bakery.

DSC01014 (2)

P.S. Finally tried Sharetea! Now I know what’s all the hullabaloo about this place. The tapioca here led to my revival of a serious boba craving.

DSC00861 (2)

Now perhaps I am slightly biased, but no place is better than home. You may have read about my blitz of a break in July, and I went back for another short trip this past week. It began with a delectable brunch at Broder Soder, highlighting fluffy, cinnamon-flecked ebelskivers (Danish pancakes) and open-faced sammies loaded with gravlax and pesto chicken salad.

DSC01074 (3)

A surprise visit from M called for all sorts of forays into Portland’s food scene, and I introduced him to a real acai bowl. None of that slushie stuff. But fresh from one of Portland’s best, called Moberi. This acai, strawberry, and almond milk blend is topped with a beautiful array of berries (Oregon’s pride), bananas, and granola. And that spritz of raw honey always hits the spot.

DSC01096 (3)

Later on in the week, I took my sister to eat farm-to-table sammies at Milk Glass Mrkt. The focaccia had this sublime pillowy feel, like an airy mattress. I could eat that all day. We noshed on a vegetable sandwich chock full of beets, greens, and cashew butter and another ciabatta creation filled with prosciutto and fried eggs. Think sophisticated egg McMuffin. We rounded off the meal with a crumbly brown butter and almond cake swiped with strawberry jam and creme fraiche.

DSC01119 (2)

DSC01118 (2)

My last night in Portland paid homage to pasta with a trip to Grassa PDX. The handmade pasta milling around with sweet corn, chorizo sausage and cherry tomatoes ended my time at home on a wonderfully hearty note.

DSC01142 (2)

Hopefully no more ovens will be catching fire this semester.


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