Why “shindig” is the greatest word.

You can probably tell that I ADORE the word “shindig.” It’s probably not legitimate in the dictionary, but it conveys a quirky sense of joy and contentment. Like a celebration of strange yet beautiful things. So whenever I go out for coffee or tea, I mark them as shindigs; they’re my quiet times, my pockets of peace. And Osaka certainly isn’t lacking in them.

Mondial Kaffee, for example, features some of the swankiest latte art I’ve ever seen. They’ve competed in the US. Their iced americanos have ritzy straws. The vibes in the shop ooze laidback bar vibes with a hint of yuppie.

DSC00639 (2).JPG

DSC00643 (2)

DSC00644 (2)

I also had afternoon tea for the first time here, going to a British-style tearoom frequented by young women meeting up with friends to take selfies and snapshots of their opulent crockery. The tearoom is almost luridly like a dollhouse hung with vintage frames.

It’s a three-floor, tea-centric tower of goodies. Delicate berry cake, green tea and earl grey scones smeared with strawberry jam and clotted cream, and miniscule finger sandwiches. Wash it all down with some fragrantly strong Japanese black tea.

DSC00694 (2)



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