Third time’s a charm.

Hello friends! I’m currently visiting my parents in Osaka (third trip!), and ignoring my lactose intolerant tendencies (because Hokkaido cream, folks). Also, everyone eats bread. Bakeries constantly churn out buns molded over flurries of whipped cream, flatbreads scattered with cauliflower and cheese (I don’t particularly understand that one but oh well), and lots of buttery croissants. So I can’t help myself, naturally. I reach for all the carbs.

Since I’m technically also in Osaka for a work assignment, I’ve eaten myself nearly silly. So here’s a quick photo gallery of sneak peeks!

Inside, there’s a gooey, languid vanilla-flecked custard that’s better than velvet. From Beard Papa’s, found internationally but originated right in Osaka.

DSC00630 (2)

DSC00631 (2).JPG

Featuring my sister’s model hands.

DSC00541 (2).JPG

At Endo sushi, Osaka’s finest. I saw grannies pack away at least two plates each. I ate one. Well, one and two pieces.

DSC00605 (2)

Salvaged a bit of indulgence with this soymilk soft-serve ice cream swirled with a  black bean flavor on the bottom.

DSC00600 (2)

A traditional Japanese meal with steamed salmon, a floating orb-like egg, pickled daikon radishes, miso soup, and seaweed along with some flaky white fish. If only we could sit cross-legged in American restaurants all the time.

DSC00486These yams were more dessert than anything with a seriously crusty glaze that reminded me of Thanksgiving yams blanketed in marshmallow fluff.




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