The birth of this blog.

I don’t think I’ve ever really explained how I got here. Why “Weathering Your Appetite”? It’s quite a mouthful of a name. But before posts about brunch, coffee, and travels in Japan plastered all over the walls of this blog, I was just a high school senior who had an assignment for journalism class. An assignment to write about a Chinese restaurant dubbed Spicy World.

After ordering a massive bowl of beef noodle soup, I wrote a raving review of the place. Funnily enough, it closed after I graduated. But that experience was the turning point.

In my school, journalism class was the sort of environment populated by the popular. There were those who were either keen to write or keen to see their bylines for the whole school to see through an easy route of writing. Curiosity propelled me more than anything to take the class, and Mr. F, my teacher, was the first to read my first restaurant review. By a turn of God’s grace, he then introduced me to his good friend, a food writer and author of a charming restaurant book.

She and I sat in a bakery called Tabor Bread, sipping lukewarm green tea and eating crusty, rustic loaves studded with dried fruit and nuts. And she encouraged me with a bit of advice.

“Create a food blog!” she said. “Write about anything. Everything. It’ll be your gateway to the food writing world.”

So I created a WordPress account with all the fixings, but needed a name.

“Weathering your appetite,” I said aloud while strolling through LensCrafters. I was out with my family helping my brother pick out a set of frames. Punning off Portland’s rainy weather, I combined that with this idea of needing to endure one’s appetite–that food, as simple as it is, makes us ravenous, and it encompasses the majority of our lifestyles. And one significant aspect of food writing is, well, making people people said ravenous after reading.

My parents, bless them, became more open-minded about trying new foods beyond our favorite Sichuan restaurant. I tasted a biscuit for the first time. I learned why everyone seems to crave avocado toast. But I also learned to appreciate my cultural heritage more. Food isn’t always about the fanciness; I like food that makes me think about family and my life. Chinese barbecue pork slick with delicious sweet grease over a heap of rice and a side of leafy green Chinese broccoli. Sticky shrimp dumplings in dilapidated metal bowls. Fresh-squeezed orange juice along with a thick piece of toast sagging under a buttery, cinnamon-flecked spread.

But besides all that, my greatest wish for you all is that by reading what I write, you glimpse a bit of God’s brains and beauty. How might food writing glorify God?

I think that He has crafted humanity to create things from His creation. Food and cooking exemplify that–we create, concoct, and dabble in food in order to enliven our palates with flavors that represent art but also reveal the intricacy of God’s world.  1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” I am a young food blogger who will honestly admit that she doesn’t know everything about food. I cannot cook brilliantly like Julia Child–or my mother, for that matter. But I write about food because I love using words to make God’s Name known. And that can be done with food by capturing how a culinary experience reveals God’s clever intelligence in making humans who can take His creation and let its beauty shine in another dimension.

For a quick update on life, I’m no longer that knobbly high school senior but a (still-knobbly) college senior transplanted in Houston, Texas and studying English at Rice University. I’m still practicing my writing chops with an internship at the Houston Chronicle this past spring semester and writing for My Table Magazine, a food and dining mag, this summer. I even started working part-time at a macaron bakery to learn a little about the food industry and understand how life behind the counter works. So here we are.

Email me at if you have any questions or comments! I’m an open book.




One thought on “The birth of this blog.

  1. Beautiful and honest. I love reading your post. May God bless your writing, abundantly. His glory will shine through your words.


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