This post is a nod to all those vegans and vegetarians out there. I was very curious about whether vegan food can truly match wits with non-vegan food–and I have to say, Portland nails it.

Prasad Cuisine is a crowd favorite, a little restaurant that shares a space with a yoga center. This kind of place gives a glimpse into a health nut’s sort of routine. Do yoga, eat clean, and peace out with a raw fruit smoothie. I only did one of those three things and already felt immensely proud of myself.

The menu at Prasad featured a lot of intricate bowls and salads along with a series of cocktails and drinks. I opted for the Dragon Bowl, a beautiful presentation of a red quinoa base layered with beans, collard greens, steamed kale, and a delicate finish of sliced avocado sprinkled with hemp seeds.  All I saw was green, seriously.


There were multiple sauce choices as well, and the carrot habanero I selected had a rich and bright orange hue with a smooth, silky texture. That sauce was the most delicious carrot concoction I’ve ever had–minus carrot cake. Its sweet taste enhanced with a little spice gave the other mild-flavored foods a touch more character, so I actually quite enjoyed the bowl. And it took a me while to polish off that whole thing–the portion was definitely generous.

For dessert, I was eager to try Petunia’s Cakes & Pastries, a renowned vegan bakery in downtown Portland. The interior had cutesy, girly vibes with mint green and pale pink prints, and a long glass display of various treats caught my eye. A massive cake dubbed “Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bomb” particularly beckoned to me. Clearly, choosing was easy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The best part of the cake, to my surprise, was the peanut butter filling. A creamy consistency  with a little bit of coarseness enhanced the rich, decadent peanut flavor . That’s what I think peanut butter should taste like. The frosting tasted beautifully light with a rather subtle cocoa flavor while the cake itself featured a moist and slightly dense texture, sort of like a soft banana bread.

After eating Petunia’s take on this classic dessert, I have nothing but praise for vegan bakeries. It was a different adjustment in terms of flavors and textures, but I think people just need to find the right places. Herbivory isn’t such a daunting route, after all.


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