Worth a lot of dough.

Pip’s Original is a destination my donut-loving heart has eyed for a while, especially via Instagram. I scroll through my feed and see picture after picture of mouthwatering donuts, and finally I was able to make it out to the east side to try out this place.

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The theme here is mini donuts and hot chai–basically two of my most favorite things on the entire earth. Pip’s nails it on the donut itself, crafting fresh little mounds of dough with a golden crispy exterior and a light, fluffy interior. It’s like eating cake–but a deep fried one that’s dusted with a variety of toppings.

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I ordered six donuts, one of each flavor topping on the menu. Sea salt + raw honey, apricot jam, cinnamon sugar, Nutella + sea salt, the Dirty Wu (sea salt, Nutella, and cinnamon sugar), and candied bacon + maple. Favorite? Hands down the Dirty Wu. I loved the combinations of sweet with salty and crunchy with gooey. But that raw honey was pretty stellar as well; I’m a fan of natural sweetness, too.


After polishing off those donuts, I tried a sip of the chai latte I ordered, dubbed the “EmmyLou.” ‘Tis a prim name for a chai drink, and this blend was quite unique. Lavender, fennel, and chamomile created this decaf, herbal concoction that was smooth, foamy, and tasted like an edible luxury soap. It was like swallowing an English garden party. I don’t think it’s for everyone’s palate, but after a few more sips my taste buds began to appreciate its floral notes. It’s quite a redefinition of chai.

I don’t even want to think about the number of donuts I’ve ingested this summer. Oh well. Gotta treat myself, right??


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