A meal fit for kings.

Kingsland Kitchen is one royal food cart.

It’s pretty spanking new as well, about four months old. It’s run by a British fellow and his wife, so I think people are getting a fantastic package–good food and a swoonworthy accent. Even the way the owner Chris said “chicken” was music to my ears. (And he actually sort of looks like David Beckham–dead serious.)

Anyway, the cart stood out amidst the clutter of the dilapidated hodgepodge parked on SW Oak St. and 5th Ave., furnished with rustic dark wood and a large sign proclaiming, “Eat.” A chalkboard menu offered a special of the day and a list of scrummy sandwiches, ranging from classic British bangers (sausages) to Mumbai spiced chicken to Guinness braised beef.

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Chris graciously gave my friend Ethan and I samples of the special, a spicy curry chicken tikki. It packed quite a bit of spice, but curiosity propelled me to try the slow roasted pork sandwich instead.

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Oh heavens. This sandwich epitomized pork perfection. The meat was ridiculously tender and soft–an almost fluffy texture and a rich, juicy savoriness. No frills or sassy spice, just hearty meat with a load of other toppings neatly crammed inside a lightly toasted French roll. An apple and chili chutney flecked with cinnamon created a sweet yet tart contrast to the pork’s strong taste, and I actually enjoyed how crunchy the apples were. A refreshing cabbage slaw piled on top of the chutney while pork skin cracklings (MY FAVORITE) peeked out beneath it.

If I tossed out my cares about heart disease and acne out the window, I could literally eat cracklings all the time. The only other kind of crackling I’ve had is the skin on Chinese roasted pork, but this British play on pork skin blew my mind. It had a noisy crackle and a serious crispiness–one bite was like breaking ice.

Sadly, I only uncovered around three pork cracklings in the sandwich, so I wish more (as in a lot more) was stuffed in. Next time, I really want to try the bangers and mash, a classic British dish. Kingsland Kitchen definitely ranks as one of my most favorite food carts of all time.

UPDATE: I have tried bangers and mash.

One bite from this juicy pork sausage reaffirmed my devotion to this food cart.  Add in the creamy mashed potatoes drowned in a wine and caramelized onion gravy–absolutely delightful. Why have I not had this before?? Kate Middleton needs to bring her hubby and in-laws over here to PDX to try this.

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