I’m in love with the Coco Donut.

Short post about Coco Donuts!


Today was spent in downtown amidst the sweltering heat (at least by Portland standards). Traipsing around Pioneer Square, mingling with tourists. I live here but judging by the way I took pictures I could have easily passed for a tourist due to my unchecked enthusiasm.

I’d been eyeing Coco for a while and finally found a chance to go! It’s a small place with counters that offer only standing room, but it’s a nice, quaint place with pink accents and a swanky beverages menu (coffee, hot chocolate, and even Thai tea!).


The options for donuts all seemed to be rather similar, but the staff member told me about one donut that featured espresso beans dotting its chocolate glazed top. Of course I went for it.

My friend's maple bar is on the left--she attested that it was scrummy as well!
My friend’s maple bar is on the left–she attested that it was scrummy as well!

It’s not Blue Star donut quality or anything, but it was still delicious! The chocolate glaze was decadent but not excessively heavy or sweet, and the addition of espresso beans gave the donut a subtle punch of crunch and bold flavor. The dough was light and soft. And for its price of 1.65 (Blue Star is double the price) I’d say that Coco would be a great destination for a breakfast or snack run.


Now onwards to eating my way through Portland. Cheers!

Website: http://cocodonuts.com/


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