Biking to blend.

First summer blog post features Moberi!

Moberi is located on the touristy 23rd Avenue street near downtown Portland, a small outdoor place that looks like a hipster shack with a porch and tables for customers. I’d heard about this place from my older brother, and it perked my interest because–besides the wholesome fresh fruit/vegetables + Portland products–customers can ride a bike to power the blender for the drinks! What a classic Portland move.

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I ordered something called Mr. Wonderful, a concoction of dragonfruit (one of the most refreshing of tropical fruits), mint, strawberries, and apple juice. So I climbed on the bike and pedaled for a leisurely 30 seconds, watching as the fruit spun around gleefully in the blender. That was also probably THE easiest workout I will ever do. Best way to earn that post-workout smoothie, right?

The smoothie was a rich, bold magenta color, swirled with dragonfruit seeds and bits of strawberries. I took a sip, enjoying the mild, pear-like flavor of the dragonfruit and the sharp taste of mint. The mint was very apparent and strong in the drink, but it cooled my taste buds and gave Mr. Wonderful an air of summer laziness. I’d definitely recommend it.

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The green bike is the power machine for the blender (which is attached to the front of the bike).

I also tried my very first acai bowl. Acai bowls are the darling of healthy, clean American breakfast. And I can definitely see why–the acai part was a smooth puree of berries scooped into the bowl like a smoothie base, then topped with an arrangement of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes, and granola all drizzled with honey. A bright way to start any day or treat yourself to a snack.

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My sister got the smoothie called Captain Planet, which had a lot of veggies like kale/spinach and agave syrup plus ginger, hemp protein, and banana. The banana had a rather prominent flavor in the drink while the agave sweetened the taste considerably. Still delicious though!

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Mr. Wonderful and Captain Planet are bros.


Address: 1515 NW 23rd Ave. Portland, OR


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