Taking a leaf out of Bubba Gump’s book.

I’m back in the States, and what better way to end the trip than a short recap about Japan’s take on American food?

Based on a recommendation from a friend (shouts out to Raymond Li), I hit up Mos Burger, a chain store that’s notable in Asia. When I first stepped in, the place showcased an upscale appearance, much like America’s beloved Chick fil’ A. There were flowers and comfy chairs, quiet vibes and polite employees.

Raymond suggested that I try the shrimp burger, which I had never heard of before. Its closest relative would be the shrimp po’ boy, I think, but that doesn’t involve an actual shrimp patty. So props to Mos for a creative idea! Fries and an iced tea accompanied the order, and it was all quite enjoyable for a fast food meal.

For fast food, the fare was not excessively greasy. The shrimp burger was actually rather tiny, about the size of a McDonald’s cheeseburger, perhaps even smaller. A fried shrimp patty was topped with a nest of coleslaw cabbage and smeared with a tartar sauce that actually had a hint of sweetness. The burger was very, very hot and fresh, with a nice golden crunch from the shrimp patty and a more colorful flavor from the sauce. I gobbled it down rapidly, then started on the fries. They were basically naked–not ketchup or salt. They were chock full of potato, with a nice crisp edge.


(Photo credits to Raymond Li for this beautiful, beautiful picture of the shrimp burger!)

It was also refreshing to experience how Mos Burger doesn’t have the kind of service that fast food restaurants in the US have. I tried gesturing to the waitress for some ketchup, but she thought I asked for salt and approached our table carrying a tray that held a little dish of beautifully sprinkled sea salt. And then when she brought ketchup, it was also presented on a little dish as a dainty swirl of red. At US McDonald’s, employees simply throw handfuls of ketchup onto the tray or into a drive-thru bag. On the other hand, at Mos, I was treated like a respected customer and I really appreciated that. Not to mention the food was pretty decent.

Well, that wraps up Japan’s delectables! I’ll be working on writing about Portland noms and drinks this summer, so stay tuned!!


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