Keeping Up with the Kit Kats.


I immediately thought of the Kardashians when I was thinking about alliterations with K’s. And my, there are certainly a lot of Kit Kat flavors to keep up with (although they’re not as high maintenance or dramatic, I suppose). I managed to find seven fascinating flavors to try while here in Japan, but instead of writing out a post to document the Kit Kat tasting, I decided to veer off into a different direction and film videos! Thank you to my sister Megan for filming and to my mother for joining me on the tasting escapades!

The list of flavors (in the picture, start from bottom right and go right –> left, then keep going to the next row and go right –> left again): Green tea & cherry blossom, Japanese apricot, strawberry maple, butter, cookies & cream, raspberry, and creme brulee cheesecake.


You can watch the videos here on Vimeo! (Last two are shorter.) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Note: My phone started having issues in the middle of the tasting, so we had to switch to using my sister’s phone. Also, I never ended up explaining in the second video where the cookies & cream, raspberry, and creme brulee cheesecake were from. C&C and raspberry were unearthed in the grocery store while the cheesecake was found in a tourist shop by Mt. Fuji! The first four flavors are part of a limited edition assortment, found only in Osaka!


Most favorite: green tea & cherry blossom and strawberry maple

Least favorite: butter

The packaging:



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