Fuji, not Fiji.

Quick post about the Mt. Fuji trip!

I was also confused at first about whether the mountain is Mt. Fuji or Mt. Fiji–I had to check. Oops. You’d think that Fiji water indicates a Mt. Fiji, but Google insisted on Mt. Fuji. I know that was extremely illuminating.

The excursion basically consisted of loads of traditional food and soft serve ice cream. Soft serve stops were temptingly located at literally every stop we had, so at around the prime time of 10:30 am my sister and I treated ourselves to some frozen treats. Mine was white peach, and it was blissful strolling around sightseeing as Mt. Fuji loomed in the distance.

fuji 3

The ice cream was delightful with a smooth, creamy texture and not much heaviness. Later on in the day we even caved again and got a cherry blossom flavor, which was a beautiful pink color swirled with little bits of floral stems. That one was very, very sweet with traces of cherry notes.

And at the hotel we stayed at, the spread of food was rather impressive. Mackerel was featured for dinner, plus a variety of other dishes like raw tuna, sizzling pork, steamed gelatinous egg in a cup, tempura, miso soup, seafood rice, and almond jello. The whole shindig was balanced between salty and pungent salty flavors and light, mild tastes.

fuji 4

Breakfast in the morning was something similar to dinner, a hefty meal with more fish, steamed tofu, seaweed strips, Japanese sweet egg, and beansprouts.

fuji 2

I have never consumed this much seafood on a trip in my entire life.


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