A sweet taste of the sea.

taiyaki 2

For you red bean lovers, taiyaki is the perfect dessert for you. Apparently taiyaki literally translates to “baked sea bream,” which sounds rather sophisticated indeed. These cakes consist of waffle dough molded and imprinted to look like fish, and they are filled inside with red bean paste. The inside of my fish was generously clotted with red bean and was quite sweet, while its thick texture contrasted well with the slight crunchiness of the waffle exterior. Again, I repeat–taiyaki is PERFECT for red bean fans.

taiyaki 1

(Shouts to Frankie Leung for the suggestion!)

Today I also had this interesting food experience eating Kushikatsu. Just imagine deep fried noms on bamboo skewers, like an Asian version of the Houston rodeo fare. The restaurant, called Daruma, uses a little railway system to transport food to your table; it’s pretty cute. There’s fried pork, asparagus, quail eggs, Gouda cheese (seems a little random), shrimp, chicken, rice cakes, etc. The list of other possibilities can go on and on (there’s even raw wheat germ…..what).The batter is a mix of egg and panko, and once fried you dip it all in tonkatsu sauce. Have mercy on your arteries.


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