In a frenzy to finish (NYC Part 4).

Saturday kicked off with brunch at The Smile, a country-esque, rustic find my sister and I unearthed while stalking Buzzfeed’s post “28 NY Brunch Places Worth Every Penny.” And for me, The Smile definitely ranked high. I ordered the steak & eggs, which was a pile of delicious sweet potato hash topped with a steak cooked to medium well goodness and topped again with two fried eggs doused in a spicy chimichurri sauce. It didn’t look like that much at first sight, but it took me a lot of effort to polish it off. Word on the street is that The Smile’s baked avocado and egg is a sublime pick as well.

the smile

Even after brunch, my stomach was determined to taste as much as possible before Sunday’s departure. We headed to the famed Lady M Cakes, a sophisticated, classy place renowned for its mille crepe cakes, which are layers upon layers of delicate French crepes filled with cream in between each layer. It’s as if the Princess and the Pea decided to stack crepes instead of mattresses, creating this beautiful cake that can’t be found in many places. The green cake was a matcha mille crepe confection and the other one was a checkerboard cake with a light whipped cream and a thick chocolate ganache coating. These were the definition of delectable, true luxuries to eat.

Lady M

We also hit up Blue Bottle Coffee, which is well-known for its clean-cut taste and emphasis on appreciating coffee for its naked flavor. I opted for the New Orleans cold brew, made with chickory and sweetened.

Blue Bottle

Side dishes at BCD Tofu House. Plus a fried fish–now THAT was hard to eat.

tofu house

I also ordered this beef tofu soup, and it was sizzling hot for a long time. Favorite part of eating this was cracking the egg into its depths like a real pro. Only thing was that it lacked a strong, spicy flavor. ‘Twas slightly dull for me.

tofu house1

Easter Sunday morning–I treated myself to a breakfast at Zucker’s Bagels with an everything bagel sandwich filled with heaps of egg, along with a cup of Colombe Torrefaction coffee. Delicious.


Our friend from Columbia University took us to explore campus and brought us to this tea place called Culture Tea Bar. I ordered a cherry blossom tea with lychee jelly (mmmm, the notes of cherry blossom with sweet lychee was a wonderful combination) and he ordered a peppermint milk tea that tasted like toothpaste mixed with dairy. Alas, to each their own.  We also ended up eating lunch at a Jamaican restaurant near Columbia–my friend’s favorite place. He really championed for those oxtails.

Tea Bar

Well, that about sums up the whirlwind New York trip! Hitting all those places one after another was a truly memorable and exhilarating experience.



2 thoughts on “In a frenzy to finish (NYC Part 4).

  1. wow! i am so jealous by all the cool places you’ve been to! it must have been such an exciting trip! Especially with your sister!!!


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