Tout Suite.

Everything at Tout suite is expensive, but this place is a classy yet also hipster place with a stellar array of foods from baked goods to brunch fare to desserts.

tout suite
This was a slice of baguette layered with creme fraiche, scrambled egg, generous slices of smoked salmon, and a sprinkling of fennel. It looked tiny on the plate, but it certainly satisfied my stomach.

I wanted to try all the desserts at once, particularly the Paris-Brest (which is one of my favorite French sweet confections–mostly due to the hazelnut cream) but alas, I’ll have to go back again sometime. I was also eyeing the coffee (apparently Vietnamese iced coffee is served in a glass jar that you can take home–WHAT). But again, next time.

I did treat myself to a couple macarons–a delicate honey lavender, an espresso, and a hazelnut. I used to be a bit hesitant about lavender-infused food but this macaron was delightfully sublime. The espresso took me by surprise because I could definitely taste the roasted flavor with a bit of a dark, smoky punch, while the hazelnut was a simple yet satisfying resemblance to the Paris Brest flavor with that wonderful hazelnut filling.

The espresso macaron perched on the Word of God. This was the best accompaniment to my devotionals!
The espresso macaron. 

Address: 2001 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002


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