Long Live Pancakes of the Sea.

Recommended by many friends, Myung Dong has flourished in Houston with a reputation for authentic, hearty Korean food. And this restaurant most certainly rose to the occasion to me. It’s a hidden gem on Bissonnet, a round-looking sketchy place run by an elderly Korean couple who’ve got culinary chops. I was warned to prepare myself to wait a long time for the food, since there’s only two of them managing the restaurant, but thankfully not a lot of people were there (’twas a Thursday night) and our meal arrived steaming hot in a timely manner.

Word on the street is that the seafood pancake is legendary, so we (bae and I) pounced on that option and added a bulgogi dish as well as a short rib tofu soup. The seafood pancake consisted of hefty pieces of fried goodness with generous helpings of shrimp, squid, green onion, and carrots. Not too doughy, not too fried. It was the best seafood pancake I have ever had, and dipping the pieces into the balsamic vinaigrette sauce enhanced the combination of flavors. I can still taste it to this day.

I mean, just LOOK AT THIS.

seafood pancake

The bulgogi was also well done, sizzling and tender. The rib soup was also noteworthy, with vermicelli noodles swimming inside as well as tender ribs accompanied by egg and tofu. Really delicious broth, perfect for a chilly day.


(Sorry about the picture’s blurriness!)

Add all these choices with the side dishes, and it was a feast. The kimchi was exceptionally sweet but chock full of the pickled, spicy flavors, which garnered a fresh balance. Other favorite side dishes included the pickled cucumbers and the beansprouts–I’m looking into learning how to make these when I go off campus next year.

side dishes

I may not be a Korean food aficionado, but Myung Dong has definitely set my standards for this cuisine. Long live seafood pancakes.

Address: 6415 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX 77074


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