If You Wish Upon A Blue Star Donut.

Donuts are everywhere. Church breakfasts, late night runs, class parties after you win the goal for the annual fundraiser. They’re brilliant for feeding the masses and fulfilling everyone’s sweet teeth.

Personally, I like donuts all right. If I were honest though I’d prefer something like a croissant or a pastry, sort of how I would prefer bread to bagels. Bagels are just so huge. Like giant roly poly things.

But anyways, I’d heard about Blue Star Donuts back at Rice when my friend and I were taking a study break (we truly, truly were) and she was scrolling through a website that listed the top donuts in America. And lo and behold, Blue Star was featured!

So summer 2014 bucket list dwindled away by one when I finally made the trip out to the little donut haven, a brightly lit place lined by glass walls and white furniture with blue accents.

I went with my best friend from home, and we were feeling a bit ambitious and decided to split three donuts. The first one we eyed hungrily was the hard apple cider fritter. As you may have noticed, I’ve developed a strong partiality to fritters ever since that magical episode at Christie’s Bakery in Houston.

This fritter was not fresh out of the oven, so it lacked the piping hot, deliciously crunchy first impression but it was still scrumptious with its unique hard apple cider flavor. The cider enhanced the apple’s sweetness very well but also brought out a bit of tartness in the aftertaste with just a hint of cinnamon. The squares cut out in the dough with all the glaze and apple bits presented a pretty donut picture compared to previous apple fritters I’ve had, too–most of them just look rather knobbly. And yes, we devoured that poor fritter pretty quickly.


The next one was this dark chocolate ganache donut with crispy dark chocolate balls on top that had a pleasant slightly bitter taste. The ganache itself had a subtle chocolate flavor that didn’t drip in sugar flavor–a refreshing twist. And the middle of the donut dreamily oozed with creamy custard that showcased a mild, sweet taste instead of a heavy sort of flavor.


The finale (by this time we were going more slowly for sure) was this passionfruit cocoa nib. A bit of a daring choice because the donut looked so innocent. But at first bite there was a bright burst of passion fruit from the glaze that also whopped on a bit of spice at the end. It was certainly an unusual taste, but to me not at all a bad one. Yet I’d definitely say that that donut would be a hit or a miss; it packs a powerful punch.


Blue Star Donuts, nevertheless, is a credit to its craft. Stellar donuts that, yet again, prove that Portland does indeed have tasty, tasty fare.




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