A Hunch about Brunch.

I have been changed by an omelet.

At first glance, I was unimpressed. My sister and I were eating at Bijou Café, which is apparently renowned for legendary brunch. Portland folks take brunch pretty darn seriously, so my sister and I hopped on the bandwagon and spent a day secretly trailing a bunch of Asian tourists in downtown P-Town.  

I had ordered the Farmer’s Omelet on a limb. Typically I don’t care much for omelets—I think they often have excessive amounts of cheese on them and I’m very particular about the way my eggs are cooked. So I looked down at my plate and eyed the large yellow mound that was the supposed omelet, tucked in between a hefty slice of baguette and a pile of greens.

My sister had ordered this braised pork and hominy dish with a fried egg on top, and simultaneously we dug into our food.

That first bite was heavenly.

The omelet was different from others I’d tasted before, because the vegetables and whatnot weren’t mixed in with the egg, but the egg sort of wrapped around the accompaniments like a pigs in blanket. ’Twas chock full of tender bacon, sautéed potatoes, onions, and sharp cheddar cheese, with a hearty enough flavor to satisfy my hunger. At the same time, it was also artfully done with fresh, local ingredients. And despite the heavy savory flavors in the omelet, the whole meal still seemed very nice and light. There were sweet berry preserves that I slathered on my bread and I finished off the green salad with help from my sister (she can consume cauliflower raw).

After Bijou Café, we headed to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which is conveniently right next door. This Portland-based coffee biz is iconic here, and it was a luxury to taste a beautifully robust and smooth brew after drinking servery coffee for the past year.

And then on a whim, we decided to brave the line for Voodoo Donuts. I’ll say that Voodoo Donuts is indeed delicious, but I feel as if it’s a classic Portland favorite more for its quirky charm and wacky flair. Its pink boxes are stamped with the phrase “Good things come in pink boxes” and everyone naturally feels just a little jealous when they see someone walk around town carrying one of them boxes. Highlight of the day was watching the Asian tourists cackle with glee over their donut purchases. We brought some home and I’ve been enjoying my apple fritter over the past couple of days—it’s a massive mass of glazed fried dough and apple chunks—until I came down this morning and was horrorstruck to discover that someone had eaten the last bit of it. One of the most disappointing feelings ever. But life goes on.

Anyways—I had a hunch that brunch is quite possibly the best meal of the day, and the excursion to Bijou Café definitely confirmed it. Live. Love. Brunch.



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