Acquiring a Bostonian Palette.

If I had to pick an East Coast city to live in, it’d be Boston. It represents New England hubbub–it’s got vintage historical landmarks, intellectual brains, and classy prep that I wish I had. Visiting the city never get old, and this time I was fortunate to have my sister as unofficial tour guide. (She just graduated high school there, hurrah!)

Thursday night consisted of a Chinatown excursion. Note: you have to pay for the rice. Absurd. But the food was delicious nevertheless. Salt and pepper fried squid, fresh sea bass from Cape Cod, and some sort of vegetable that I forgot the name of that has hollow stems.

Friday lunch was a hilarious mess that somehow fixed itself up. We’d sworn not to eat at Panera Bread, but then somehow ended up in a mall area with, what else, a Panera Bread grinning at us. But this location of course had to have a bit of East Coast swag with the tantalizing option of lobster rolls. And trust me, those lobster rolls were loaded with heaps of meat.

Then a friend of my sister recommended a French restaurant for dinner, a beautiful place called Gas Light. He managed to snag us a reservation, and we sat down to devour baguettes, escargots (snails), and seafood.

I learned that I hate snails. But the sauce and garnish were delicious for dipping bread, so I excused the snail’s horridly rubbery texture this time. For the main entree, I had this rock shrimp tagliatelle, which apparently is a type of pasta but I just thought that the name of it sounded super exquisite so I went for it. It had great lemony notes and fresh spring peas, and I cleaned my plate quite efficiently.

2014-06-06 17.41.29

(The snails.)

2014-06-06 17.41.33-1


2014-06-06 18.06.49-1


(Shrimp tagliatelle.)

Then we wandered over to Harvard Square and walked around. I craved dessert, so a cappuccino cupcake from Sweet Cupcakes satisfied my sweet tooth and a fresh, steaming chai tea latte of the Tra Que blend, which emphasizes cinnamon spice, (and I had the choice of six different blends of chai too, good grief) from Tealuxe rounded off the day. Tealuxe impressed with fresh loose leaf teas and wide variety of concoctions that could be blended into a frozen drink, steeped as a latte with foamed milk, or added with tapioca pearls. Favorite name on the list of teas though was “Puttabong Second Flushing Darjeeling”, my sister’s pick. (She wouldn’t stop laughing each time she said it.)

2014-06-06 19.32.18 2014-06-06 19.54.26

Saturday: cannolis and tiramisu at Mike’s Pastry and dinner at Samurai Boston. Cannolis are like in the shape of tacos with the edges folded into each other and then these pastries are filled with a special cream (often made with ricotta cheese, I believe). Mike’s Pastry boasts Italian baked goods. We picked three cannoli flavors of caramel pecan, amaretto, and pistachio, but I was content wholeheartedly with just digging into the tiramisu. Beautiful espresso notes and a sublime flavor that made the dessert taste lighter.

2014-06-07 17.10.06-1 2014-06-07 17.10.10-1

2014-06-07 19.43.55-1





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