LBT (Little Boba Truck).

Summertime means boba time.

I’ve had easy access to boba tea this past year at Rice, and I admit that I despaired just a little bit when I came home to Portland for the summer, knowing that a delicious tea concoction would be out of my reach for an excruciating four months. (I’m not a dramatic person, I promise.)

But my knight in shining armor trundled up in the form of Little Boba Truck! (You can tell that I have a super serious love life if my Prince Charming is Mr. Boba.) I remember seeing Facebook posts and updates throughout the year, and now the truck has been in business for about a couple of weeks now. And LBT already has quite a strong following, with raving reviews on Yelp as well.

The first I week got home, I decided that I had to see with mine own eyes this newfangled Little Boba Truck and discover what the hullabaloo was all about for this biz. LBT’s typically open 4-8 pm (hours and location changes occasionally so check Facebook/Twitter) and I was lucky enough to go on a day when LBT was parked literally five minutes from my house.

Anddddd you guessed it, original milk tea with boba, if you please. It perked my interest that LBT uses honey boba for their drinks, which I had tasted in Nu Café back in Houston. Honey boba definitely enhances the flavor of the tea with a bit of a sweet edge, and I was pleased to find plenty of boba clamoring at the bottom of my cup. LBT’s milk tea is pretty robust, but it’s to my liking and it’s not gaggingly (yes, that is a word I just made up) creamy or overly sugary. Then with the sweet honey boba following every sip—the combination is on point. I will heartily announce that I’ve never tasted such great boba in Portland before, and I’d say that LBT would give my #1 favorite in Houston, Tap House, a run for the money.

LBT also offers lychee, coffee, and rainbow jelly as boba substitutes as well as a number of other flavors like mango or peach slushies and fruit green teas. LBT prides itself on using the freshest ingredients, fresh-squeezing all their fruit juices and whatnot. I’ve heard that the orange green tea infusion is quite legit. And since it’s a beautiful, beautiful day in Portland (I woke up this morning actually feeling blinded by the light) go and grab some boba right now! RIGHT NOW! Or in the near future. It’s going to be a radiant, sunny weekend, a nice prelude to Oregon summer, and what better way to kick it off than with some refreshing boba?


2014-05-15 16.56.16-1





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