Crayfish Gone Cray.


About two weeks ago I went on a trip with my Christian fellowship to San Antonio for some much-needed rejuvenation and bonding. Hooray for more Texas culture! On the way there we stopped by Buc-ee’s, which is like the Costco version of a gas station that includes a full-blown bakery and grill as well as giant stuffed beavers with cute front teeth for sale. I had to watch my words though–apparently, Buc-ee’s is not “just a gas station”. It’s like a rite of passage. So I bought a bag of pretzels.

But the highlight of the trip was the last night, when there was a big crawfish boil shindig, my first experience. There were picnic tables laden with spicy cooked crayfish piled on top of newspapers that soaked in the juices, and there were also boiled potatoes, corn, and sausage on the side for the pickings. I believe that all of this had been stewed together, so EVERYTHING was spicy. “Spicy” was more of an understatement, though–it was the kind of spicy that would blow open your sinuses and set your mouth, literally, on fire. After one crayfish I actually had to sit back and recover a bit like a derpy newbie, but despite the volcano erupting my senses I kept eating one after another. IT WAS SO GOOD. #crayImage


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