Kolache Swag.

This will be a pretty short post, but hey the feature focus is KOLACHES! Hooray, I’m steadily progressing in my Texan food experience.

Kolaches actually kind of remind me of those hot dog bread thingies that Asian bakeries sell. A kolache (or a Texan one, I suppose) is basically a sausage dog tucked inside a mass of soft bread, sort of like a corndog. And there’s often other delicious things stuffed inside as well, like cheese and jalapenos and bacon. They’re pretty dainty and small, but they’re nice simple comfort food that are perfect breakfasts-on-the-go. 

I got my first kolache at Christy’s Donuts, an ancient place that sells donuts and kolaches for cheap prices but excellent quality. I also ordered an apple fritter to try and the nice lady behind the counter generously included two donut holes in my bag. (And then a friendly spar ensued in the car about the pros and cons of eating donuts versus donut holes. I voted that donut holes were better.) 

But oh, that apple fritter though. It was this delightful glazed pastry of crispy hot goodness with sprinkles of cinnamon sugar and chunks of apples. I’ve only had the apple fritters from Starbucks, but those don’t even come close to the exquisite fresh quality of Christy’s fritters. And I can tell you for sure that many others would agree–I broke off pieces and shared the pastry with the rest of my friends and they all concurred that it was scrumptious. Good times. 


Website: http://www.yelp.com/biz/christys-donuts-houston


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