Imagine a Bus Made of Waffles

Since it’s too mainstream to go home for Thanksgiving break, I’m still on campus surviving on sketchy Chipotle runs on the metro and eating Shin ramen. I’ve never been dying of so much excitement for the servery to open again tomorrow.

But there was a time when I thought servery food was “womp…womp….womp” and I wanted a little bit of adventure. There’d been constant talk of food trucks rumbling around campus every week. And apparently on Wednesdays the Waffle Bus parks its little red truck by the Mudd Lab parking lot. (What, not a pink bus?) My roommate and I went there for dinner with a friend for the first time a couple weeks ago in the confusingly frigid weather (by Houston standards).

No questions asked, I was hankering for the classic chicken and waffles. There were a variety of sauce options too, and ancho-chile honey sauce seemed really edgy yet creative so I went for it although I had no idea what ancho-chile was. I literally thought it was a cross between an anchovy fish and a chili pepper, but turns out “ancho-chile” is just a mild Mexican chili pepper. And y’all know me–if you’ve read an old blog post of mine about chicken and waffles, you’ll realize that I ‘ship the chicken and waffle relationship with no shame. The food was handed to me as two semicircle waffle slices sandwiching a hunk of breaded chicken that had a layer of honey sauce. The honey sauce was surprisingly pleasant with a sweet yet mildly spicy flavor that left a bit of a tangy aftertaste in my mouth. The waffle was rather soft and the chicken was not the deep-fried-to-a-crisp that I had expected, but the overall impression was delicious. It was definitely more gourmet than servery food, for which I was really grateful. And my friends and I all felt a bit hipster eating at a food truck and huddling around wooden chairs to eat. And it was pretty entertaining watching my roommate dig into her S’mores waffle with undisguised delight. Judging by her satisfied expression I’d say that I’m planning on trying one of them dessert waffles very soon.

So–rough Wednesday? Hit up the Waffle Bus. In the need for some good hot comfort grub? Waffle Bus knows your stop.

Food Truck Stops/Locations:




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