I know I haven’t been posting for a while, but I promise you that my fingers have been itching to compose a nice, lengthy post. I haven’t got time for it right now, but I’ll be updating y’all soon!

I am alive though. I’ve learned five things:

1. Those who told me college would be easy, don’t even. College academics are like highly unpleasant gnomes who just don’t care if you have other important things in life to do and they just keep romping around your garden and tearing up everything in sight just because they can and no matter how much you try to swing them over the fence with the strength of George Weasley they just KEEP COMING. *cough* midterms.

2. I drink way too much bubble/boba tea now. And Chinatown trips are an almost regular occurrence. Bless those upperclassmen who have pity on this poor slob of a freshman who can’t live without fried rice and dim sum. And the boba here is actually quite good.

3. Doing homework at 2 am is not late at all.

4. Everyone rides the struggle bus at some point in the day.

5. If you’re a freshman, about two months going into the year you already start wondering if you’re going to even graduate. Common laments include “What am I going to do about my life” and “I can’t even function today” and “The servery has no more coffee so I’m screwed for midterms”.


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