Sorority Sliders


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It seems like eons since I last posted. But actually, it’s been a serious case of food blogging-separation anxiety, complete with cravings for legit Chinese dim sum and panini sandwiches. #TheServeryLife. I’ve been living on pasta and Caesar salads for the past month, as well as discretely shimmying bowls of Lucky Charms up to my room to snack on while I’m studying. As an avid tea drinker, I have a strategy of picking up plastic spoons and cream/sugar after every meal (and avoiding eye contact with the servery lady on the way out). And on cinnamon roll Tuesdays I’m the happiest camper on campus.

Anyway, let me get y’all updated with some food excursions I’ve managed to experience right here in Houston! Right before school officially started (which was awkwardly about five weeks ago) my orientation group and I went to a delicious burger place called Little Bigs. And the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the name of the restaurant was how sorority girls on Facebook always post pictures of them with their “Bigs” (who are their older “sister” mentors) including captions like “Omg got flowers from my Big! She’s totes the best!” or “Little and Big!!!!!!!!!!!!” as they pose for the camera in their fancy dresses and do the complicated sorority hand slash arm gestures. So yes–Little Bigs is “that awesome sorority burger place”.  My best friend’s in a sorority in fact–maybe I’ll bring her here and see whether she’ll laugh her head off or just tell me I’m plain weird. Probably the latter.

Normal burgers can be these giant monstrous beef patties slathered in sauces and layers from mushrooms to tomatoes, so I guess they’re the…..frat type. But Little Bigs specializes in sliders, which are cute little mini burgers that just seem to continue on with the whole sorority theme because they seem so prim yet they’re still a bit on the wild side. They’re different, they’re unique, and they allow people to try a variety of flavors because the portions are so dainty.

Little Bigs has basically four sliders on the menu: the black bean, breaded chicken, beef with caramelized onions, and pulled pork. Add a nice, jaunty pile of hand-cut fries and there is satisfaction guaranteed. The place in Houston I went to was pretty small and a little run-down, but it has this extensive wooden patio that stretches out behind the restaurant and includes a wooden covering. Inside, the furniture is all long, cramped tables and stools while outside sports picnic umbrella tables. Little Bigs would be the type of place I’d have cravings for at 2 in the morning, the kind of hotspot that college kids would embrace because the food’s cheap, it’s a casual, comfortable atmosphere, and Little Bigs can strut their stuff.

I decided to order the caramelized onion beef slider as well as the chicken one, for I admit I had a strong hankering for a McChicken right before dinner. So I made a beeline for Little Bigs’ offer because theirs would obviously be tantalizingly gourmet. And I dived into that chicken with gusto–I mean as in I stuffed it in my mouth in two bites and savored every bit of fried glory. I loved the tender chicken and how crumbs and bits didn’t just fall all over the place when I took a bite, and the ranch sauce was heartily rich. The beef slider did not disappoint either with its juicy flavors and perfect pink tinge inside the patty. I would have liked a wallop more onions on my slider, however, because the paltry amount I received just looked rather sad on the bun.

Last of all, the fries. THE FRIES. It should be a rule that on cannot have burgers without fries. Sometimes in the servery I feel sad when they serve onion rings because I champion fries as burger’s best companion. I appreciated how Little Bigs’ fries were not drowning in grease but were delightfully crispy and piping hot. And sometimes eating fries can be a sort of syndrome, because once I get started eating these things I just can’t stop. The fries’ portion was fairly hefty as well, so much so that I actually failed to finish a small. Now imagine McDonald’s small fries. Little kids can devour that and still feel underwhelmed. But fortunately, Little Bigs is generous. And generosity in a restaurant is what everyone likes to see.

I didn’t get to try their shakes, which I hear are stellar, but next time I’ll be sure to primp my taste buds! For all you Rice students, hop in your friend’s car and skip the usual Whataburger number 4 meal. Try Little Bigs at least once! It’ll be the sorority of your dreams. So place your bids, folks. And if you’re a guy, who says you can’t have a favorite house? I mean here at Martel, we like Sigma Pi M.



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