Tea Partay Extravangaza

IT HAPPENED. A tribute to Jane Austen, via tea party! I invited a couple of friends over, and my mother and I transformed the back patio into a bower of sorts. With all the flowers and scintillating summer air, the setting was marvelous. We all dressed up in bright dresses and sat down for English tea, complete with cream and sugar. French and coconut macaroons adorned plates, and the other day I had found authentic English crumpets at Trader Joe’s to add to the selection of scrummy goods. And with blueberry scones (you gotta have scones at a tea partay) and little cookies as well, the party was brimming with delectables. I didn’t mind bringing out the china that my family hadn’t used in years….things are meant to be used to bring joy and build relationships, I heartily believe. And tea parties certainly do the trick.

Oh, and when we finished all the prim and proper merrymaking…..we watched Pride & Prejudice. The Keira Knightley version of course. Mr. Darcy had never looked so gawgeous.



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