Honey Toast is the Bees’ Knees

Okay, okay, I get it. All you hipster people, posting and tweeting pictures of Honey Toast Café’s gargantuan desserts with captions like “Honey Toast is so good” and “Honey Toast….food coma”—I get it. It’s delicious. Delish. Delicioso. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind being a regular at the little café.

Honey toast is basically a cross between a doughnut, French toast, and regular old toast. It shows off a crispy golden crust, which has a bit of a sugary crunch, and a soft bread texture. Add the ice cream, mounds of berries and chocolate wafers and macaroons, and you’ve got an elaborate 1776 French hairstyle, minus the white powder and inedibility. I mean, the presentation is just fabulous:



(Photo courtesy of http://www.yelp.com)

The ladies of the French court would approve.

As I first scrolled through people’s pictures, I couldn’t believe that someone could consume one honey toast dessert by him or herself. If I ever ate one by myself I’d probably get stares from passersby who think I’m actually pregnant. But hey, if that ever happens to you, just casually saunter along and whisper conspiratorially, “I named it Huckleberry.” And wink.

The interior of Honey Toast Cafe seems like a model for Ikea furniture….you know, the trendy patterned chairs, quaint lights, and a variety of high tables with stools and simple wooden tables. I felt at home and enjoyed the casual vibes.

And when I tried Honey Toast Café for the first time, I snagged one of the lunch plates—pepper and salt fried chicken, which was presented with a flourish alongside pickled vegetables, rice, beef in a rich sauce, and one of those mouthwatering Chinese tea eggs that I adore. (Tea eggs are boiled, then boiled again in a mixture of spices, tea, and soy sauce.) I also tried their original bubble tea and almost whooped with hurrahs upon finding that the tapioca’s texture was chewable goodness and the tea didn’t taste like those fake packets of Nestle tea mix. The drink even had a nice layer of foam.

The second time I set foot in Honey Toast, I was solely set on the lavish desserts. There were three of us—my mom, me, and my best friend, and one look at the neighboring table’s giant honey toast persuaded us to select the “petite” honey toasts—one deluxe and one called (much to my utter bliss) Chocolate Symphony.

The deluxe presented a generous dollop of wild berry ice cream, a strawberry French macaroon, and an assortment of berries. And the whole thing was drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce—berry elegant and pleasant. A bit prim and proper I suppose, with a touch of flair.

Chocolate Symphony was my FAVORITE, however. It serenaded me with decadent flavors of rich chocolate ice cream, a chocolate wafer, and crumbled Oreos all laced with ribbons of chocolate sauce. With the melted ice cream soaking into the toasts and tasting the crunch of Oreo and macaroon—I didn’t really think of much else while eating except for what was gloriously in front of me. And it was still a miracle, I believe, that we stuffed ourselves and managed to finish the desserts. Props to those who can truly eat one of these colossal masterpieces.

Be sure to check out Honey Toast’s bomb.com happy hour offers!

(Pictures on the way!)

Website: http://honeytoastcafe.net/

Address: 12520 SW Farmington Rd.  Beaverton, OR 97005


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