If You Need Starbuck Relief


(Photo courtesy of plus.google.com)

On NW Murray Blvd. there’s this coffee shop that I’ve seen almost every day during my childhood as I went to school. With bleary, half-asleep eyes I noticed that several different coffee shop owners tried their hands at opening a successful business at the location, all to no avail. Soon I began to wonder whether the place was cursed…..until Poppa Haven’s set up its court.

Furnishings included simple wooden themes and a bit of a hippie vibe.The staff is extremely friendly and laid-back, making pleasant banter and conversation with all the customers. The owner had a spectacular white beard (in competition with Dumbledore, perhaps?) and enthusiastically offered recommendations for me to try. Be sure to try the Mayan Mocha–it’s got a kick of cinnamon that is refreshingly sharp, better than Starbuck’s lame cinnamon dolce flavor. And the Mayan Mocha’s chocolate blend is richly delicious. The drinks also showcase coffee art as well! Next time I’m itching to try the Dirty Hippie–a special chai concoction, I believe.

Poppa Haven’s uses Sleepy Monk coffee beans, apparently famous from Cannon Beach, Oregon. So this coffee spot blessedly promotes local products; it even offers hemp milk. This place is just a nice, honest business, and I admire its desire to simply reward customers with good cups of joe. The humble vibe is refreshing.

Website: http://www.poppas-haven.com/

Address: 800 NW Murray Blvd. Portland, OR 97229


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