Love Me Some Fruit Snacks

‘Tis a random Monday. And ze topic–FRUIT SNACKS! I think they’re an essence for any person’s childhood. When I was a little kid, I was more or less married to fruit snacks anyway. Except they were a rare treat. My ultimate love were the Scooby-Doo versions– I would savor each one whenever my parents caved in. Fruit snacks easily entertained me, too. I’d yell “VELMA I’M EATING YOU” or “BYE SCOOBY YOUR HEAD’S COMING OFF” and then cackle in glee. Yup, my childhood.

So random question of the day: What is YOUR favorite kind of fruit snack? My Irish friend at school has a thing for Welch’s fruit snacks, for example. Does Treetop tickle your fancy, or Gushers? Describe! Comment if you like on my Facebook or right here on this post!


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