Baked Potato on Steroids

I was at Houston, Texas last Sunday and had some legit Texas barbecue. The place wasn’t really high-end, and it was basically one of the many chains dotted around the area, but I LOVED IT. I had this massive–I repeat, MASSIVE–baked potato topped with green onions and heaps of bacon bits, then slathered with as much cheddar cheese as possible. And then, the glorious finale–a large mound of barbecued beef on top. Now we’ve all heard of the traditional baked potato, but this one was a hunky. A fine specimen of a potato, kinda like the Bradley Cooper of potatoes. I loved the spicy, sweet barbecue flavor. Although I probably gorged myself on 5,000 calories, having some Texas barbecue was definitely an EXPERIENCE.

Place: Pappa’s Bar-B-Q


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