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When spring rolls around, its nickname should be “Prom”. It actually kind of makes sense because prom AND springtime can go both ways. Springtime is beautiful, but allergies suck. Prom can be exciting and stunning, but planning is a pain. “Ermagerdness what dress are you wearing”, “I wanna eat out someplace fanseyyyy, like, P.F. Chang’s”, “my date has to match my dress.” And so on, and so forth.

So promenaders! We all know that prom is basically about CHOICES. Choosing a dress (at least for women), choosing the right corsage and boutonniere, the place for photos, and of course, the perfect restaurant. I’ve got a list right here of swanky places in the downtown Portland area that might be the promerfect place to dine.

Wildwood Restaurant: I went there last year, the ambiance was upbeat but subtly smooth, and the service was excellent. Their sorbet–to die for. Want to impress your date? Here’s your venue!

Portland City Grill: If you check out my previous blog post called “A Sky Full of City Lights”, there’s my spiel about this glamorous place. Ravenously romantic.

Mother’s Bistro: I absolutely adore this place. Charming, yet with a spice of glitz, and it’s classy comfort food. May not be ultra-fancy like Portland City Grill, but if you’re more down to earth or if you don’t really want to empty the entire contents of your wallet, this is a good place! (And keep in mind that there are no reservations.)

Little Bird Bistro: Here you can enjoy sumptuous poulet au vin and let romance blossom over sultry dark chocolate blancmange.

Melting Pot: All my friends gush about the Melting Pot. All of them. Who could hate fondue? I know that it’s an acclaimed and unique hot spot for couples.

Higgins: No, unfortunately, not named after our own Mr. Higgins. I admit that I haven’t been here, but I’m DYING TO. It’s got elegant reviews before and inside it looks cozy and beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Check out urbanspoon for more options! All these places I’ve noted are only about 5-10 min. away from the prom venue (or at least the one I’ve heard about so far).


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