Poor Man’s Mocha

Kind of a random post today, but all of a sudden I felt SPONTANEOUS. I just had to wring out the words rolling around in my head. So the topic for today: MOCHAS. My best friend taught me how to make a poor man’s mocha this year. It was mind-blowing. AND it’s good prep for cawledge life. Pick up a packet of Swiss Miss or Nestle hot chocolate mix, grab some hot coffee (made by your fancy machines or instant coffee, whatever floats your boat), blend the two with a spoon and voila. There’s your mocha! At a great value with the same excellent and indulgent taste. (All of a sudden I feel like I’m advertising like colleges do har har).

But all in all, hopefully this humble drink will arm you with a hefty dose of caffeine and delicious choco while you tackle that dreaded senior project or whatever else is on your plate. Toodles for now, folks.


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