Boston Dinering

I’m spending my spring break week in Boston and trust me, my craving for good food hasn’t stopped at all. And dearie me, Boston is just loaded with prize restaurants. So yesterday for lunch I passed by this little diner that honestly looked like it went back in time to the ’50s. Kelly’s Diner resembled a metal dining car with faded windows, old jukeboxes, and an attractive statue of James Dean posing in the entryway. That statue brought back memories of sophomore English class and watching “Rebel Without a Cause”. All I can say is that James Dean was a heartthrob indeed. Much better than what’s-his-name Holden Caulfield. But back to talking about eating. This dingy place was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so I was deeply intrigued. I haven’t had much experience in these quaint little diners, but Kelly’s Diner had a sort of cute and laid-back charm that I appreciated while surrounded by streets of colonial-style, sophisticated places.

The menu featured a range of choices from omelets to sandwiches to pot roast, but I played it simple by ordering a BLT. I hadn’t had a darn good sandwich in a long time. And it wasn’t just any BLT. The bacon was to die for–the perfect amount of crispiness accompanied by rich smoky flavors. The toasted white bread sandwiched a hefty stack of lettuce and tomato while the side of crinkle fries made me grin and reminisce about my young childhood when these fries were my dream meal. At that moment I don’t think I had ever tasted a better BLT than Kelly’s. So if you’re ever in Somerville, MA (or heading up to Boston for college), definitely check this place out.



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