A Diner Dilemma

I’m sort of craving hearty diner food at the moment, but I can’t quite decide which one to try next because all of them sound equally enticing. Thus–you all can help me pick! Pick the one you think I should write about and comment on the Facebook link if you like. Thank you!

1. Blueplate–located in downtown Portland, famous for the sliders and also has a vast array of milkshakes and an original soda fountain. ‘Twas featured on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives! 

2.   Skyline Burgers–little diner up on Skyline Blvd. It’s been there and thriving for ages, and sadly I’ve lived in Portland all my life but never gone there before. 

3. Portland Penny Diner–also in downtown Portland, I’ve passed by the fascinating revolving penny sign and I’m bursting with curiosity. The website http://pdx.eater.com/ said that it was a new place that is worth trying. 



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