Obsessed with Blogging

So. Why did I start food blogging? I’ve been called a food nut/food junkie, and people probably think that I’m this weird, cheeky Asian girl who doesn’t really have a life because she spends her free time writing about food. But to be honest, I am perfectly content to be a food junkie. In fact, I’m flattered. Writing food reviews and skipping away to the best places for heavenly grub is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I’ve tried my hand at poetry, at writing short stories; I’ve even attempted to find fulfillment and a sense of utter satisfaction with those beloved English literature papers assigned in school. I looked to these outlets to quench my thirst for writing and prove to myself and others that I could be a darn good writer. Previous to developing my blog, I wasn’t delighted with my work. For some reason, ideas never flowed together smoothly when I tackled my school paper on poetry. Analyzing and arguing a thesis? Definitely much more difficult than I thought. And just trying to write poetry? I’d sit there twiddling my thumbs and then force myself to come up with a jumble of lines that just screamed, “We’re trying to sound deep but we just drone on and on in our cliched state.” One time I got pretty desperate and started writing about lemons. But as I’m writing this post I’m snorting to myself and realizing that the lemon poem  is, in reality, rather sour. Har har.

Hence, when I discovered that I could write about food, HALLELUJAH. I can just be my quirky, eccentric self and insert witty (or horribly witty) statements and such without trying to please someone or follow a rubric at the same time. My voice can finally release itself with no regrets. I love, love, love trying to pinpoint a flavor, a taste, a texture. Crunchy, mellow, spicy, or melt-in-your-mouth? With food, the word choice is endless. Though of course, I’m by no means a perfect food writer, and that’s fine because I just love writing. Food blogging is my ultimate outlet, where I can just spew out excitement and chatter about my favorite restaurants.

I do admit that sometimes I feel like I’m just writing to an imaginary crowd and I wonder who really wants to read this blog. So just to let you all know, ’tis for your enjoyment. Feast your eyes on the pages if you like, perhaps try out one of these places sometime, and feel free to offer feedback or recommendations. I truly hope that you like reading my blog and you gain new insights about Portland’s restaurants and food. Your support means the world to me.



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