Yip Yip Hooray for Chinese New Year!


In honor of Chinese New Year’s coming up this weekend, I’ve posted a little piece about some popular food during the holiday. The picture above features Chinese carrot cake, freshly made by my mother. It’s not like the typical “cake” that is sweet and filled with orange carrot and raisins. In fact, it’s actually made of shredded Chinese white carrot that is mixed with chopped Chinese sausage and mushrooms. The whole thing is packed into a pan and steamed in a deep pot, which makes the texture firm and solid. The consistency isn’t like jello; it resembles rice cake. It’s possible to eat it steamed, but frying it makes it absolutely delicious. The crispy edges crackle in your mouth and the sausage flavor really comes out. I’d call this Chinese comfort food. I imagine that it could be sold as a sort of street food as well. Add a bit of ketchup or hot sauce if you like, and bam–the bestest snack you’ll ever eat. For my family, eating Chinese carrot cake is saved just for Chinese New Year’s. It’s not too hard to make, so if you want to get into the spirit head over to the supermarket and impress your friends with your Chinese cooking skills. This stuff is legit. Cheers!


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